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Drum Dryer

Suitable for drying and dewatering dewatered sludge, other sledges, food residues.

    The thermal efficiency of this unit is particularly high. It can evaporate more than 800 kg of water with 1 ton of steam.
    The unit has two rotating drums.
The material to be dried is made into a thin-film and dried, which means that highly-precise elimination of waste liquid can be achieved and sludge with water content as high as 85% can be processed.
    Food residue can be reduced to less than 20% water content one minute after being put into the unit.
    Activated sludge
    Food residue
    Various other types of sludge
    Various waste liquids
 Processing capacity
    25 to 500kg/h
    In this single-drum dryer system, impurities in wastewater are caused to adhere as a film to the surface of a rotating steam drum.
In this way, the solids are separated and recovered while the water content is converted into pure steam that is discharged into the atmosphere.
It can be used as a closed, pollution-free system to separate and process wastewater containing high concentrations of BOD, COD, and heavy metals without discharging contaminated wastewater outside of the facility.
We can assure you that your wastewater treatment equipment can be simplified by separation of household wastewater.
    Plating waste liquid
    Chemical washing waste liquid
    Air scrubber wastewater
    Chemical waste liquid
    Grinding waste liquid
    Food product wastewater
    Alkaline cleaning solution
    Fish broth
 Processing capacity