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Rubber stopper Washing / Sterilizing / Drying machine

This new washing method uses high-speed jet stream to remove and discharge stubborn adhesions without damaging or eroding rubber stoppers.
Achieves uniform heating and sterilization without fusing the rubber stoppers by intermittently agitating the washing chamber.
We also have experience with Isolators using sterilized removal.

Manufacturer : Kuraray Engineering Co., Ltd.
  No contamination of foreign matter because no rotating parts are inside the chamber
  Stream can be controlled to produce a range of washing conditions, from gentle to hard
  Highly effective at removing foreign material
  Excellent washing ability even for products with small holes
  Able to wash rubber stoppers and foreign material regardless of whether their specific gravities are large or small
  Achieves uniform washing, sterilization, drying, and cooling by agitating the chamber Also prevents blocking caused by stoppers
  We can also fabricate removable and transportable washing machines
  Sizes fabricated: from 30 L to 600 L
We will design these units according to the batch sizes you need.
We can handle other specifications you may need.