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K-Filter (Activated Carbon Fiber) VOC Recovery Apparatus

 TOYOBO CO., LTD. achieved a world first in manufacturing Activated Carbon Fiber from synthetic fiber. It named the product K-Filter, and succeeded in developing a device to treat polluted air emitted from factories in areas such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, semiconductors & liquid crystals, foods & fermentation, cleaning & washing, as well as printing & painting. This device uses the K-Filter to purify air by adsorbed removal of solvent (VOC). It can also recover solvent, which can be reused. Using the K-Filter, this device features greater purified capacity, is more compact, and is less expensive to run than devices using granular activated carbon. More than 1,300 of these devices have been sold to date.

Facility external view (from TOYOBO) Facility external view
(from TOYOBO)