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Water Production Equipment and WFI Production Equipment

The Pharmastill multiple-effect tube-type still is the latest production equipment for water for injection (WFI). Pharmastill has been designed to respond to current requirements and trends in international pharmacopeia, including USP, EP, PIC/S and JP.

We offer a wide range of standard models with production capacities of from 60 L/hour to 12,000 L/hour. Upon request, we have fabricated special-order units with capacities of up to 22,000 L/hour

Manufacturer : STILMAS S.p.A.
Product name : Pharmastill
  Based on economical multiple-effect tube operating principles, these units make effective use of heating and cooling sources.
  Pharmastill starts up quickly and is ready to begin producing distilled water just a few minutes after turning the unit on.
  Ease of maintenance Simple in design, Pharmastill's gas-water separator chambers are assembled without complex welding or seams.
Visual inspections are easy.
There is no need to provide extra head space for disassembly and inspection purposes.
  Pharmastill uses standard PLC control and standard software based on GAMP guidelines.

Stilmas Ultrapure Steam Generators PSG-DTS Series are designed and constructed in accordance with the International Pharmacopeias and the CGMP-FDA.

They are capable of resolving any problem of sterilization it and sanitation of pharmaceutical equipment and process lines (autoclaves, piping, tanks, filters, etc.).

Manufacturer : STILMAS S.p.A.
  Operational flexibility
This equipment produces pure steam automatically according to steam demand within range of 0-100%.
  High-quality pure steam
The quality of pyrogen free steam is completely independent from and unaffected by pressure and the production flow rate. The unit can produce high-quality pure steam even in small quantities.
  Quick startup
Depending on the water volume and temperature in the gas-water separator chambers, it can rapidly go from standby to maximum production capacity in only a few minutes.
Due to its space-saving design and quiet operation, the unit can be installed in production facilities.
The simple structure of the gas-water separator makes the unit extremely easy to maintain, with no need for additional headroom for disassembly.
  Steam distilled water production
When small quantities of water for injection are needed, pyrogen-free steam can be condensed with a double-tube sheet condenser.