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October 01, 2008

Toyota FCHV-adv Delivery Ceremony Eye-Catching Car Body Showing Pictures Drawn by Children With the Theme of a World Where All Enjoy True Comfort

Iwatani Corporation underwent the second update of the Toyota FCHV (Fuel-Cell Hybrid Vehicle) Iwatani has lease-purchased from Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), and held a Car Delivery Ceremony for the third Toyota FCHV-adv at its Tokyo Headquarters today on October 1 in the presence of Mr. Shuichi Shinchi, Manager of Fleet Sales Department of Japan Fleet Sales & Conversion Vehicle Division, Toyota Motor Corporation.
Iwatani has lease-purchased the Toyota FCHV fuel-cell hybrid passenger car since 2003 for use in its activities to raise awareness of the coming hydrogen-based society. The Toyota FCHV-adv delivered this time features better cold starting characteristics at 30℃ below zero with an optimum internal design for the fuel cell and improved fuel cell control system. Reduced power consumption and the improved braking system also contribute to increasing the fuel economy performance by around 25%. Furthermore, a newly installed built-in hydrogen tank with a maximum filling pressure of 70MPa extends the cruising range between hydrogen fillings to 830 km (in 10.15 mode), more than doubling the conventional models (330 km).
Pictures were drawn on the body of the car, by students of Ohta City Nagahisa Elementary School in Shimane Prefecture with the theme of a "World Where All Enjoy True Comfort." Nagahisa Elementary School was the alma mater of the founder of the company, Naoji Iwatani. The Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Car Caravan touring across Japan last year visited the school en route and held science lessons and test-ride events for the fuel-cell passenger cars. A "Thank-You" tour to the school is planned on October 13 to express our appreciation for their cooperation in decorating the car with their pictures as well as showing the car to the children.
As a leading company in building hydrogen fuel infrastructures, we believe that social understanding and a proper knowledge of "hydrogen" itself, especially energy education for children who will lead the next generation, are indispensable for the practical use and dissemination of fuel-cell passenger cars and hydrogen. The Toyota FCHV-adv, delivered today, will be used more actively in various applications to raise awareness for developing infrastructures related to fuel-cell vehicles and hydrogen.