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July 29, 2016

A Cassette Gas-Type Meat Barbeque Grill that Can Limit Smoke to the Lowest Possible Level
Launching the Yakimaru Cassette Gas-Type Smokeless Meat Barbeque Grill
Have a Comfortable Grilled Meat Barbeque at Home with a Unique Patent Pending Structure


Iwatani Corporation (Head Office: Osaka, Tokyo; President: Masao Nomura; Capital: 20 billion yen) announced the launch, as of August 29, of its new Yakimaru cassette gas-type meat barbeque grill, which is designed to limit the amount of smoke during a Korean-style barbeque. Making full use of the high-level grilling performance enabled by the direct fire of cassette gas, this new grill prevents grease from becoming smoke using two features while people are enjoying a barbeque. Iwatani will sell the new product mainly at major supermarkets, DIY stores, and home electrical appliance retailors with the aim of achieving an annual sales goal of 30,000 units.



According to an Internet poll that was conducted by us, little more than 90% of the respondents answered that they loved or liked a grilled meat barbeque. With an increase in the number of households that reside in apartment buildings and the increasingly limited air circulation in residences, people tend to avoid having barbeques because it causes smoke; about 80% of the respondents answered that the smoke was annoying.

In response to this situation, we developed a special meat barbeque grill that causes less smoke than conventional models so that people could easily enjoy a meat barbeque with the least amount of annoying smoke, particularly for households that like grilled meat barbeque but tend to avoid it because of the annoying smoke.

Two significant factors can prevent smoke during a barbeque: (1) prevent grease from touching the flame and (2) prevent grease from becoming hot and turning into smoke. We succeeded in creating a totally new product (patent pending) by incorporating new ideas into conventional ones, approaching these two factors in terms of structure and heat control.

We are sure that our compact, handy new grill will be useful for many households who like grilled meat barbeque.




Features of the Yakimaru cassette gas-type smokeless meat barbeque grill:


1. Prevent smoke by keeping grease from dropping into the flame


We applied the following structural designs to the grill to facilitate an easy way for grease dropping to go from the plate to the water dish.


・Create a passageway for grease
・Create gaps for facilitating smoother grease dropping
・Put a guiding device on the back of the plate to prevent grease from dropping into the flame




2. Control the temperature of the grill at about 210 to 250 degrees to prevent smoke


Once the grease becomes very hot at about more than 250 degrees, it turns into smoke. But you cannot enjoy a delicious barbeque if you set it at a low temperature. Our new grill controls the grill at about 210 to 250 degrees, even with direct heating by introducing the following innovations.


・We designed the heating power of the burner to be as weak as possible using a structure that allows heat to be moderately trapped between the burner and the grill. This achieved a heat balance where the grill can be controlled within a moderate temperature while simultaneously maintaining the speed of heating.



3. Handy and convenient to use


・The grill is small, light and compact so it does not take up much space both on the table and in storage.
・Because the grill is fluorine-coated, the food does not easily stick to it and burn, which enables users to keep it clean more easily and comfortably.


●Main specifications

Product name: Cassette Gas-Type Smokeless Meat Barbeque Grill “Yakimaru”
Product number: CB-SLG-1
Product measurements and weight: 303 mm wide × 278 mm deep × 149 mm tall, about 2.0 kg
Maximum heat volume: 1.0 KW (equal to 900 kcal/h)
Continuous burning time at maximum heat power: about 3 hours and 37 minutes (with 1 Iwatani Cassette Gas piece)
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: Flexible