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July 05, 2016

Iwatani Releases Alala Natural Series of Natural Plant Derived Dishwashing and Laundry Detergents that are Kind to both People and the Environment


Iwatani Corporation (Head Office: Osaka, Tokyo; President: Masao Nomura; Capital: 20 billion yen) announced the launch, as of July 1, of its new Alala Kitchen Herb Natural dishwashing detergent and Alala Wear Herb Natural laundry detergent series. The new products use cleaning ingredients that are derived from natural plants, which are kind to both people and the global environment, and come in a concentrated form that is both highly-functional and environmentally friendly.


(Left) Alala Kitchen Herb Natural    (Right) Alala Wear Herb Natural


■ Background and Features of the New Concentrated Type “Alala Natural Series”
For around 40 years, since their original release in 1977, many customers—including customers of Iwatani’s LP (liquid propane) gas ()—have made use of Alala series products. On this occasion, Iwatani decided to renew the Alala range to reflect the valuable opinions of its customers, who make fond use of the products on a daily basis.


In developing the Alala Natural Series, working around the concept of making housework more fun, Iwatani sought to improve cleaning power by completely re-examining the ingredients, and to reduce the amount of detergent liquid used when cleaning by switching to a concentrated-type cleaner. The new products also reduce the stress of rough and dry hands, through the incorporation of moisturizing*1 and anti-inflammatory*2 ingredients. Iwatani adopted bright and cheerful packaging designs that emphasize the orange and fruity fragrances used in the products; and compact refill pouches offering improved convenience, for ease of use by elderly people and women.


The new products represent an even further improvement in Alala range, that is friendly to both people and the environment. The products are on sale via the Iwatani Group’s Iwatani-i-Collect online shopping site, as well as via Iwatani LP gas sales routes.


■ Product Outline

Product name Kitchen Herb Natural – Bottle Kitchen Herb Natural – Pouch
Volume 300ml 850ml
Retail price ¥400 (excl. tax) ¥920 (excl. tax)
Features -    Cuts amount of detergent used by 50% in comparison with previous versions (Iwatani product comparison)
-    Improved prevention of hand roughness and dryness through inclusion of moisturizing*1 and anti-inflammatory*2 ingredients
-    Eliminates dullness and staining of cutlery and tableware through the use of anti-dulling ingredients*3
-    Increased cleaning power due to new cleaning ingredients and improved foam/lathering and sustained lathering performance
-    Orange fragrance

*1: trehalose *2: olive extracts *3: citric acid


Product name Wear Herb Natural – Bottle Wear Herb Natural – Pouch
Volume 450ml 850ml
Retail price ¥900 (excl. tax) ¥1,100 (excl. tax)
Features -    Cuts amount of detergent used by 33% in comparison with previous versions (Iwatani product comparison)
-    Increased cleaning power due to new cleaning ingredients
-    Non-phosphate and non-luminescent
-    Fruity fragrance


■ About the Alala Series
The Alala series (a name originally derived from the Japanese words for “wash” and “good”) was developed around the theme of “washing detergents that are both good for people and good for the environment.” In 1977, Iwatani released Alala Clean laundry detergent, which was the first detergent in Japan to use high-grade alcohol extracted from natural coconut oil as a surfactant.
The distinguishing features of Alala products, which use cleaning ingredients derived from plants, are that they are kind both to the environment and to people: the ingredients in waste water produced are broken down by microorganisms in oceans and rivers, meaning that there is no concern about environmental pollution, and the raw materials derived from palm kernel oil and coconut oil reduce the level of burden placed on the skin. The current series contains a total of 23 items, including dishwashing detergents, laundry detergents, hair care products, body soap and bathwater additives.


Additionally, in 1994, Iwatani began global environmental protection promotion activities* through Alala, which are contributing to the protection of local environments.

*A portion of the proceeds from the sale of products bearing the environmental protection mark and the mark of the Association of National Trusts in Japan are donated to local environmental protection organizations and to the Association of National Trusts in Japan as support for environmental protection activities, and used for the purpose of carrying out such protection activities.