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April 01, 2016

Establishment of Technology Research Organization to Promote CO2-free Hydrogen Supply Chain
Activities to realize a hydrogen energy society get into full swing


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Iwatani Corporation
Shell Japan Limited
Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.


Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (President & CEO: Shigeru Murayama; hereinafter, “Kawasaki Heavy Industries), Iwatani Corporation (President: Masao Nomura; hereinafter, “Iwatani Corporation), Shell Japan Limited (President & CEO: Chris Gunner; hereinafter, “Shell Japan”), and Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Masayoshi Kitamura; hereinafter, “J-Power”) established HySTRA, a technology research organization to promote a CO2-free hydrogen supply chain, on February 22, 2016. Today, the pilot project will be transferred to HySTRA, and full-scale activities will commence. 


1. Why was HySTRA established?
HySTRA was established as the promoter of the pilot project set up by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Department Organization (NEDO). The primary aim of the pilot project was to establish the technology and evidence required in each step, from the manufacture of hydrogen from a hydrogen source, to its transport, storage, and use, with a view to creating and commercializing a CO2-free hydrogen supply chain that can contribute to the global environment.


2. About the pilot project
In order to introduce hydrogen energy into society in the future, it is important to ensure an affordable and stable supply of CO2-free hydrogen. Therefore, the “Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells” announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in June 2014 proposed the establishment of a CO2-free hydrogen supply chain.
In order to realize this hydrogen supply chain, a pilot project was proposed, led by Kawasaki Heavy Industries with the collaboration of Iwatani Corporation and J-Power. In June 2015, this was adopted as NEDO’s “pilot project for the creation of a large-scale supply chain for the sea transport of hydrogen produced from untapped lignite.” With Shell Japan now on board, the pilot project that was implemented by the three companies through the establishment of HySTRA will be transferred to HySTRA.
In anticipation of a commercial liquefied hydrogen chain from overseas in the future, HySTRA will consist of three parts: lignite gasification technology, technology for the long-distance mass transportation of liquefied hydrogen, and technology for the loading and unloading of liquefied hydrogen. We will continue our efforts with the aim of demonstrating the technology of each part and detecting the issues to be addressed for commercialization by FY 2020.


3. Roles of each company
J-Power is engaged in integrated coal gasification and combined cycle (IGCC) power generation in Japan, and will utilize its accumulated gasification technology to lead the demonstration of lignite gasification technology. 
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, supplier of cryogenic equipment used, for example, in the construction of bases to contain and store LNG, and in the construction of the Tanegashima orbital launch facility; Iwatani Corporation, Japan’s only manufacturer and supplier of liquefied hydrogen; and Shell Japan, the Japanese arm of Royal Dutch Shell, which has considerable experience in the LNG supply chain and in operating LNG ships, will collaboratively manage demonstrations of the technology for the long-distance mass transportation of liquefied nitrogen, as well as the technology for loading and unloading liquefied nitrogen.
Moving forward, these four companies will pool their strengths on the basis of HySTRA, and will continue to effectively conduct research and development as well as pilot projects.


【Profile of HySTRA】

Name : CO2-Free Hydrogen Supply Chain Promotion Association
Address : 1-14-5 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo (located in Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Tokyo Heaquarters)
Managing Director : Eiichi Harada (Executive Officer, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
Partners : Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Iwatani Corporation; Shell Japan Limited; Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd.
Established : February 22, 2016


【Concept of CO2-free hydrogen supply chain and content of HySTRA technology demonstration】