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March 14, 2016

Iwatani Participates in Frozen Kyoto Vegetables Business.
Pursing Freshness and Palatability Using Iwatani’s Unique“Fresh I”Freezing Technique


Having established Koto Kyoyasai Co., Ltd. (“Koto Kyoyasai”) jointly with agricultural production corporation Koto Kyoto Co., Ltd. (“Koto Kyoto”) on December 1, 2015, Iwatani Corporation (Head Office: Osaka and Tokyo, President: Masao Nomura, Capital: 20 billion yen “Iwatani”) plans to start the production and shipment of frozen Kyoto vegetables in 2017.

Koto Kyoyasai is a sixth sector entity that has been established jointly by Koto Kyoto, an agricultural, forestry, and fisheries business, and Iwatani Corporation. A sixth sector entity aims to promote agriculture, forestry, and fisheries and revitalize regional economy through the processing and sale of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products produced by agricultural, forestry, and fisheries businesses. Koto Kyoyasai will process Kyoto vegetables produced mainly by Koto Kyoto and JA Kyoto into frozen vegetables using the “Fresh I” production method, Iwatani Corporation’s unique freezing technology, at a Kyoto vegetable plant to be established in Kameoka, Kyoto in December 2016. The main feature of the new project is producing Kyoto vegetables in Kyoto Prefecture and freezing them in an integrated fashion.

On March 10, 2016, the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Investment Limited Partnership   (“JA Sixth Industrialization Fund”) and the Kyoto Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Growth Support Fund Limited Partnership (“Kyoto Fund”) decided to invest in Koto Kyoyasai.

Iwatani Corporation launched the Foods Land brand and entered the frozen food market in 1974. The Company imports and sells approximately 300 items of frozen vegetables, seafood products, and livestock products. High-quality frozen vegetables using the “Fresh I” production method, which was developed by Iwatani Corporation in 2002 as a method to maintain the freshness, palatability, and nutrition value of frozen vegetables, have earned high marks from major restaurant chains and prepared food manufacturers.

Iwatani Corporation’s sales strategy is to make the most of the high added value of delicious Kyoto vegetables with a strong brand name that can be eaten any time and the domestic sales channels of Iwatani Corporation and Koto Kyoto. In addition, Iwatani Corporation will develop overseas markets using its network overseas, taking advantage of the registration of washoku (Japanese cuisine) as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and the agreement in principle on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and will help make traditional Kyoto vegetables more popular.



Outline of Koto Kyoyasai

Name Koto Kyoyasai Co., Ltd.
Address 30 Yokoojishimomisusatonouchi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Representative Toshiyuki Yamada (representative director of Koto Kyoto Co., Ltd.)
Capital 80 million yen 
*After the completion of the investment of JA Six Industrialization Fund and Kyoto Fund
Established December 2015
Business Manufacturing and sale of frozen Kyoto vegetables
Investor JA Sixth Industrialization Fund: 37.5%; Koto Kyoto: 25.1%; Iwatani Corporation: 24.9%; Kyoto Fund: 12.5%



Business scheme