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June 12, 2014

Iwatani-SIG, an Industrial Gas Manufacturing and Sales Company in Sarawak, Malaysia, Begins Commercial Operation


Iwatani Corporation (Head office: Tokyo and Osaka; President: Masao Nomura; Paid-in capital: 20 billion yen) established Iwatani-SIG Industrial Gases Sdn. Bhd. (Iwatani-SIG) in January 2012, through a merger between Southern Industrial Gas Sdn. Bhd. (SIG), an industrial gas manufacturer in Malaysia, and Iwatani Corporation (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Iwatani Singapore), an Iwatani subsidiary in Singapore.


Malaysia is one of the fastest growing regions in Southeast Asia, and the expansion of the local industrial gas market is expected. The Samalaju Industrial Park in Sarawak, Malaysia, where the new company is located, is projected to develop as an industrial park, mainly for material companies in the future. The new company has installed a gas plant for a neighboring Japanese chemical company, which has already entered the industrial park, and commenced commercial pipeline supply in April 2014.


The new company has also recently decided to install an air separation plant. This will give it a sales system with support for gas plant operation and shipments of the gas using trucks and other means.


The new company will promote sales of industrial gas to neighboring regions, such as Kuching, Miri, and Brunei, while simultaneously supplying gas to the industrial park.



■ Profile of Iwatani-SIG Company

1. Company Name : Iwatani-SIG Industrial Gases Sdn. Bhd.

2. Location : LOT 15, Block 1, Kemena Land Disrict Samalaju Indutrial Park, Bintulu, Malaysia

3. President : Shinya Kotera (transferred from the Industrial Gases & Machinery Business Group of Iwatani Corporation)

4. Established : January, 2012

5. Paid-in Capital : 16,400,000 Ringgit (500 million yen)

6. Shareholders : Singapore Iwatani 60%, SIG 40%

7. Number of Employees : 15

8. Business Area : Manufacturing and sales of industrial gas

9. Factory Operations : First period: The gas plant started commercial operation in April, 2014
Second period: The air separation plant is scheduled to start operation in January 2015


■Corporate Profile of SIG Company

1. President : Peh Lam Hoh

2. Established : March, 1996

3. Paid-in Capital : 23,000,000 Ringgit (700 million yen)

4. Net Sales : 63,109,000 Ringgit (1.9 billion yen)

5. Business Entity : Wholly owned subsidiary of SIG Gases Berhad (Listed on the Malaysia Stock Exchange)