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April 12, 2012

Iwatani Develops Hydrocut, New Hydrogen Gas-Based Mixed Fusing Gas
~Starts Sales as a New Application for Hydrogen Gas~

Iwatani Corporation

Iwatani Industrial Gases Corporation


Iwatani Corporation (Head office: Tokyo and Osaka; President: Akiji Makino; Paid-in capital: 20 billion yen) has developed Hydrocut, a new hydrogen gas-based mixed fusing gas product, as a new application of hydrogen gas. The company has begun full-fledged sales of the product. Hydrocut had already been test-marketed since last year, mainly in western Japan, after the completion of filling facilities at the Himeji Factory of Iwatani Industrial Gases Corporation (Head office: Osaka; President: Takashi Miyagawa; Paid-in capital: 1.6 billion yen).


The new product Hydrocut is a high-performing fusing gas made with mixing hydrocarbon gases using a hydrogen gas base, a clean fuel gas (patent already registered). The gas, like conventional acetylene gas, may be used for cutting and brazing steel materials and, in general, heating and pressure-welding work.


Hydrocut has the following features.

(1) Since Hydrocut is supplied as a mixed gas, used high-pressure gas containers may be

     reused, allowing excess containers to be utilized effectively. In addition, the safety and

    efficiency of container replacement work may be improved because unlike that for acetylene

    gas, it is possible to use medium-sized assembled containers.

(2) Hydrocut reduces 70% of carbon dioxide emission compared with acetylene gas.

(3) The working environment may be improved because of the small amount of radiation heat,

  thus mitigating high temperatures during fusing work with virtually no soot being generated.

(4)The product offers excellent safety performance because it is lighter than air and thus rarely


  The unlikelihood of backfire also contributes to safety.

(5) Since the product is a compressed gas, unlike acetylene gas,  it is possible to manage

    remnant gas volume and facilitate stock management.

    The product has already been adopted by large-volume users(shipbuilding and other

    companies)and has also proven popular by existing customers.

    Thus, our company plans to complete a filling plant in the Kanto region by the fall of 2012,

    and continue building plants for developing the business nationwide.



■Outline of Hydrocut
 Filling plant: within the Himeji Factory of Iwatani Industrial Gases Corporation,

  3-2-2 Kanbee-cho, Ohtsu-ku, Himeji City, Hyogo

 Product specification: hydrogen gas-based mixed gas

 Filled in 47-liter seamless containers at 14.7MPa (7m3)



 47-liter seamless container for Hydrocut


 Automatic cutting using Hydrocut


 Hydrocut filling facilities at Himeji Factory of Iwatani Industrial Gases Corporation