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March 21, 2012

Further Strengthening LP Gas Supply Systems against Disaster
Iwatani Completes Upgrading of Core LPG Centers
— Reinforces storage tanks and filling stations against earthquakes, installs emergency power generators and establishes new autogas facilit

Iwatani Corporation (Head office: Tokyo and Osaka; President: Akiji Makino; Paid-in capital: 20 billion yen; “Iwatani”) has selected eleven LPG centers around Japan and strengthened its LP gas supply systems against disaster, to enable the supply of LP gas to disaster-affected regions. Aiming for the end of March 2012, Iwatani has been proceeding with improvements to establish core centers, and has now completed the work. Total costs for the project amounted to around one billion yen (* However, since work at the Osaka-Higashi LPG Center also involved renovations to its office building, that center is scheduled for completion in October.)
Iwatani will also select approximately ten LPG centers other than the above-mentioned eleven in the next and subsequent fiscal years and continue to make similar improvements on a yearly basis.


The Great East Japan Earthquake that struck on March 11 last year triggered a reaffirmation of LP gas as a form of distributed energy that is resilient to disasters. LP gas makes early and individual recovery from disasters possible, and utilizing properties that provide mobility for disaster relief and recovery efforts, it has demonstrated its utility as a fuel for uses such as cooking, hot water supply and heating when electricity and city gas supplies have been cut off, and as an energy source for temporary housing.
To ensure that the LP gas supply system is maintained even in the event of a disaster, it is essential that the LPG centers engaging in the filling and delivery of bulk storage and individual gas cylinders operate with stability.
The Iwatani Group operates 110 LPG centers (tertiary terminals) nationwide, which deliver LP gas to households and business users. Each LPG center stores between 30 and 60 tons of LP gas at all times, and serves as a base for the filling and delivery of individual gas cylinders.
Immediately after the earthquake, the Iwatani Group designated eleven of its LPG centers as “Core LPG Centers,” and went about strengthening and improving the centers in anticipation of earthquakes and water damage. Iwatani is on track to complete most of the improvements by the end of March as scheduled.


[Outline of the Core LPG Center Improvements]

(1)  The Kanto / Tokyo metropolitan area as well as the Chubu and Kinki areas were regarded

       as high-priority regions and 11 locations were selected inside those areas.

(2) In making the selections, Iwatani also took into account whether the locations would be

      able to avoid natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding.

(3)  Details of the Main Improvements
1.  Replacement of LP gas tanks (storage tanks) and augmented earthquake resistance

     through reinforcement of the foundations

2. Installation of autogas (LP gas for automobiles) filling facilities
    A large percentage of LP gas delivery vans run on LP gas. In this way, Iwatani has

    developed a system not affected by the gasoline shortages which occur during a disaster.

3. Installation of emergency generators

   Emergency generators have been deployed to ensure the operation of LP gas filling

   equipment in the event of power outages and provide for normal business operation.

4. Upgrading of filling machines to an automated filling system

5. Reinforced earthquake resistance for office buildings

Iwatani’s 11 Core LPG Centers

Kanto / Tokyo Metropolitan Area Tochigi Prefecture (Oyama City)  Oyama LPG Center
 Saitama Prefecture (Kawagoe City) Kawagoe LPG Center
Ibaraki Prefecture (Ryugasaki City) Ryugasaki LPG Center
Chiba Prefecture (Shiroi City) Chiba LPG Center
Tokyo (Fussa City) Tokyo LPG Center
Kanagawa Prefecture (Odawara City) Odawara LPG Center
Chubu Area Aichi Prefecture (Okazaki City)  Okazaki LPG Center
Gifu Prefecture (Gifu City) Gifu LPG Center
Kinki Area Kyoto Prefecture (Kyoto City) Kyoto LPG Center
Osaka Prefecture (Daito City) Osaka-Higashi LPG Center
Hyogo Prefecture (Nishiwaki City) Higashi-Harima LPG Center

*  The Osaka-Higashi LPG Center is scheduled for completion around October due to

    renovation work to its office building.



LPG Center Images (Ryugasaki LPG Center)

Storage tanks (two 20-ton tanks) on which foundation reinforcement work was done and filling facilities (rear)


 Autogas filler installed at the storage tanks (below the left tank)  



LP Gas Emergency Generator
Two three-phase 34kW units and a single-phase 20kW unit were installed.