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February 13, 2012

Iwatani to Build New General Technology Center (Tentative Name)
in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture
Enhances Collaborative Experimentation and Demonstration Functions that Meet Customer Needs
— Due for Completion as a Technological Base in March 201

Iwatani Corporation (Head office: Tokyo and Osaka; President: Akiji Makino; Paid-in capital: 20 billion yen) will build a New General Technology Center (tentative name / seven-story building) in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture and transfer the research and development functions of the existing Shiga Technology Center (STC) in Moriyama, Shiga Prefecture to the new location. The new center will boast upgraded and expanded functions for performing collaborative experiments, contracted experiments, technical support, consulting and so on at the request of Iwatani’s manufacturing partners and others, and its prime location will also be used to enhance and expand the provision of high-quality services that utilize analysis and experimental analysis functions.

Construction will begin in April 2012 and will be due for completion in March 2013, at a total construction cost of approximately three billion yen.

Iwatani is also considering the establishment of a hydrogen station in parallel to the center.


In addition to research and development functions related to industrial gas and various other gases Iwatani has developed to date, the New General Technology Center will seek to enhance the following functions to meet the diverse needs of its customers.


1. Providing a multifunctional, general-purpose experimentation environment that meets 

   the needs of joint research and development with customers

(1)The center will establish an experimentation environment that complies with the High

    Pressure Gas Safety Act and various other regulations, and which is able to handle a wide

    range of gases, from air separation gases to liquefied hydrogen, ultra-high pressure

    hydrogen and special material gases. In this way, Iwatani will offer research and

    experimentation environments that customers find it difficult to implement at their own

    acilities. Iwatani will pursue joint research and development which accommodates the

    needs of customers across all of its departments and make the center a base that leads to



(2) In addition to constant temperature/humidity environments, clean room environments and

     rental laboratory functions, the center will offer multifunctional, general-purpose

     experimentation environments and be utilized for conducting joint research and

     development with customers.


2. Enhancing functions for demonstrating of Iwatani’s research results and

   new technologies

  As well as offering an improved presentation room where Iwatani can actively showcase the

fruits of its research and development efforts to customers, Iwatani will also establish a

demonstration room outfitted with an experimentation environment allowing customers to

actually see and touch original technologies that Iwatani has developed.


3. Providing superior analysis and experimental analysis functions

(1)Iwatani has already obtained ISO 17025*1 accreditation (Testing Laboratory) and public

   licenses such as for an Environmental Measurement Certification Business at the Shiga

   Technology Center. Iwatani will transfer these accreditations to the new center and process

   with the introduction of the latest analysis equipment.


(2)Through the provision of high precision gas analysis technologies backed by ISO 17025

    as well as environmental toxin analysis technologies, the center will fulfill a support function

    for solutions and research into the problems facing customers. Further, by promptly

    analyzing and interpreting the data obtained from research and development, the center will

    seek to achieve swift and timely development.


(3)In addition to gas analysis, the center will also provide high-quality services through general

    analysis and experimental analysis functions such as JIS-compliant product safety analysis

    and food/health analysis.


4. Fulfilling customer training and consulting functions

  With the introduction of cutting-edge robotic welding systems, the center will be utilized as a

place to take on support and training for advanced welding techniques according to

customer needs. Training on the safe handling of high-pressure gases as well as consulting

functions related to exhaust gas treatment and gas leakage detection systems design will

also be provided.


5. Proposing Iwatani’s energy concepts

 The research building of the New General Technology Center will itself implement the ideal

combination of energies, including LPG, solar batteries and hydrogen energy.

Aside from gas-engine heat pumps (GHP) and emergency generators that will use LPG,

solar panels, fuel cell generation that works by collecting boil off gas (BOG)*2 from liquefied

hydrogen storage tanks and the hydrogen discharged after experiments, wall greening, LED

lighting and other innovations will be employed. In this way, the building will function as a

place for demonstrating a new energy-oriented society, and it will be used to propose 

Iwatani’s energy concepts and suggest eco-houses based on those concepts.


* ISO 17025: This is an accreditation given to businesses and organizations reviewed by a third-party accreditation organization and deemed capable of performing accurate experimentation and analysis based on official methods such as JIS. Iwatani obtained ISO 17025 accreditation regarding techniques for the analysis of minute trace quantities of impurities in high-purity gas. This marks the first time in Japan that ISO 17025 accreditation has been obtained for gas analysis.


* Boil off gas (BOG): This refers to the gas that evaporates due to factors such as natural heat input from outside when low-temperature liquefied gases such as liquefied hydrogen is transported or stored.  




■Rendering of the Completed Center



[Outline of the General Technology Center]


3-3-13 Tsugiya, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo Prefecture

Site Area 7,420 m2
Total Floor Area Approx. 12,000 m2
Main Buildings Main structure made up of a reception building, large experiment building and research building(seven story), and a general administrative building.

Approx. 5 minutes by taxi from JR Amagasaki Station or Hankyu Sonoda Station.

Approx. 20 minutes by taxi from Shin-Osaka Station

Approx. 25 minutes by taxi from Itami Airport


Main Experimental Equipment / Experimentation Environments and Functions Provided by Iwatani

●Equipment able to accommodate high-pressure gas manufacturing experiments, specialty

  gas consumption experiments and various gas application experiments

●Equipment for ultra-low temperature and ultra-high pressure experiments using liquefied

  hydrogen or liquefied helium

●Equipment for basic research and experimentation such as substance safety and risk


Clean rooms for electronics, biological substances and so on

●Equipment for creating special constant temperature, constant humidity environments

●Analysis functions such as gas analysis, materials analysis, food/health analysis and

  environmental analysis by means of cutting-edge analysis equipment

●Eco-house model rooms

●Rental laboratory function for physics and chemistry experiments

●Science classrooms and training function skills such as the handling of high-pressure gas

●Multifunction presentation room, meeting rooms