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December 21, 2011

The first Intelligent Gas Meter with a security function in China
Starting manufacturing and sales as of April next year
– A response to raised awareness of gas security in China


As of April next year, Iwatani Corporation (Head office: Tokyo and Osaka, President: Akiji Makino, Paid-in-capital: 20 billion yen) will start manufacturing and selling the first Intelligent Gas Meter equipped with a security function as a new product for the Chinese market, at Dandong Iwatani Toyo Gas Meter Co., Ltd. (DIT), established in Dandong City, Liaoning Province in China in 1995.


The residential environment in China is undergoing remarkable improvements in step with economic development, but conversely, there has also been an increase in accidents caused by gas leaks as the housing density increases. Awareness of safety issues in the infrastructure that supplies gas for consumer use is also on the rise, and as a result of market research at DIT, we have determined that there is a growing demand for the Intelligent Gas Meters equipped with safety functions that have a track record of rapidly reducing accidents caused by gas leaks in Japan.

We also received a great deal of acclaim and interest at the Gas China 2011 Exhibition, which took place on November 15 this year, and since we now have a good understanding of market demand and have nearly completed preparations for production, we have decided to start sales in April next year.

Aimed at affluent homes where there is high safety awareness, we plan to manufacture and sell 50,000 units in FY2012, 100,000 units in FY2013 and 300,000 units in FY2014.



[Developing the new product for the Chinese market]

Since its foundation in 1995 as a joint venture of Iwatani Corporation, Toyo Gas Meter Co., Ltd. and Dandong Dongfa Group in China (capital contribution ratio: Iwatani 15%, Toyo Gas Meter 35%, Dandong Dongfa Group 50%. Total investment: 25,140,000 yuan/ approx. 314 million yen), DIT has manufactured and sold gas meters that only measure the gas flow rate (regular meters).


To develop the new product, DIT obtained technical support for all aspects of meter manufacturing from the investment partners Toyo Gas Meter and Dandong Dongfa Group, as well as extensive support from Panasonic for the software and hardware in the intelligent component (electronic circuit board), to successfully develop a product suited for the Chinese market with safety functions that are equal to the level in Japan. 

DIT will utilize the existing network of the Dandong Dongfa Group for sales in China, but at Iwatani Corporation, we have plans underway to procure components for Japan, and to export and sell meters from China to Taiwan and other Asian countries where awareness of safety is increasing.

The following is a summary of the main points.


(1) The meters are equipped with a prepaid card function.

(2) Seismic shutoff function is available as an option (the add-on is available at the discretion

     of the consumer or the gas company).

(3) The price for the product is approximately twice that of regular meters with a prepaid


(4) The meter is intended for city gas (because the LP gas sales format is almost exclusively

     volume sales in China)


Reference data

The Intelligent Gas Meter is controlled by a microcomputer and equipped with a gas shutoff device. In the event of an earthquake of magnitude 5 or higher, or detection of a prolonged or sudden flow of large quantities of gas, a sudden increase in the amount of gas consumed, a lowered gas pressure, or other irregularities, the meter is equipped with a function that automatically shuts off the gas.




■Dandong Iwatani Toyo Gas Meter Co., Ltd. (DIT)

Head Office: Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China

Business: Manufacturing gas meters for household use

Established: December 1995

Paid-in capital: 25,140,000 yuan/ approx. 314 million yen

Number of meters sold: 300,000 units per year

Shareholder composition: Dandong Dongfa Group 50%, Toyo Gas Meter 35%, Iwatani Corporation 15%


■Dandong Dongfa Group

Head Office: Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China

Business: Gas meters for household, industrial and business use, manufacturing and sales of related equipment and components

Established: July 1992

Paid-in-capital: 62,700,000 yuan

Employees: 1,421 persons

Number of meters sold: 340,000 per year (approx. 35% share of the market)


■Toyo Gas Meter Co., Ltd.

Head Office: Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture

Business: Manufacturing intelligent gas meters, manufacturing and sales of centralized surveillance systems and gas alarms

Established: September 1962

Paid-in-capital: 100 million yen