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December 09, 2011

Securing Stable Supplies of LP Gas Even When a Disaster Occurs
Decision to Introduce the Disaster Response Energy Systems to Disaster-Resistant Rental Condominiums
Collaboration with STARTS CAM Co., Ltd with the Focus on Promoting Disaster-Resistant

Iwatani Corporation (Head office: Tokyo and Osaka, President: Akiji Makino, Paid-in-capital: 20 billion yen) is collaborating with STARTS Construction and Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, President: Hirotaka Sekido, Paid-in-capital: 450 million yen), which designs and constructs all types of buildings, and provides consulting services on planning proposals and asset management for effective land use, on the introduction of the Disaster Response Energy System (below, Disaster Response System) to provide a stable supply of LP gas to disaster-resistant condominiums, which are a special feature of anti-seismic technology at STARTS CAM.


The Disaster Response System introduced at this time would not only supply energy for everyday lifestyle use (normal conditions), but should Metropolitan Tokyo be hit by an earthquake with the epicenter below the city, and should the damage from the disaster temporarily cut the supply of city gas and electricity (disaster conditions), the system would at the very least be capable of securing a prompt supply of household energy by making use of LP gas stored in large LP gas tanks (bulk storage).


 ■ Example of a Disaster Response System for a Rental Condominium

Target Facility Equipment Energy for Normal Conditions Energy for Disaster Conditions

Gas stove, water heater, heating equipment

LP gas LP gas
Household power supply Energy purchased from the power company LP gas generator for households
Common facilities Common lighting Energy purchased from the power company LP gas generator for shared use
Pressurized water pumps


As of September 2011, STARTS CAM has a track record of orders for more than 200 disaster-resistant buildings (rental condominiums, facilities for the elderly). At this time, the Disaster Response System is being introduced to a new product from the company, the Disaster-Resistant Rental Condominium, which adds disaster prevention equipment to the anti-seismic condominiums. In the future, the company aims for orders and sales of this product focused on Metropolitan Tokyo.


Note 1

In its interim report (October 2011), the Study Group on the Future of the Stable Supply of LP Gas in light of the Great East Japan Earthquake at the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, summarizes the stable supply of LP gas at the time of a major disaster in the future as follows:


(1) LP gas has been recognized as a disaster-resistant energy due to rapid restoration at the

     time of large-scale disasters in the past. There are reports that during the time it took to restore electricity and

     city gas to the areas struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake, local people used LP gas canisters installed at

     residential houses to prepare hot meals and heat water for baths.


(2) Even at this major disaster, there were no large impediments to the stable supply of LP gas

     due to work to restore services by the LP gas businesses.


(3) With regular use of LP gas at public facilities designated as evacuation centers in urban

     areas, there is potential for preparing hot meals etc. in the event of a future disaster. One issue is to expand the

     number of facilities using LP gas in urban areas.