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May 14, 2010

A two- to four- part “Microwave Chemistry Joint Research Course” -
A New Phase as an Industrial Research Base for Microwaves, with Cooperation between Businesses and the University

Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

Nippon Steel Chemical Co., Ltd.

Iwatani Corporation

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.


Osaka University, Nippon Steel Chemical Co., Ltd., Iwatani Corporation, and Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd., have agreed to establish a “Microwave Chemistry Joint Research Course” as an industrial research base for microwaves.


This course has evolved from the “Nippon Steel Chemical Joint Microwave Chemistry Course” - offered by Osaka University and Nippon Steel Chemical for 4 years - with the participation of the Iwatani Corporation and Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. We believe that this course will establish a new framework, with a wider range of cooperation between businesses and universities, ranging from basic studies to the development of manufacturing processes and markets. 

In particular, the course focuses on the multilateral verification of development and reaction control technology of microwave-related equipment used in the chemical industry, as well as developments in a range of organic and inorganic synthetic processes, and electronic materials applications, which have been carried out by Osaka University and Nippon Steel Chemical, with a view to further development as an industry research base for an “industry on campus.”


Together with Osaka University, a world leading research base in microwave chemistry, and with collaboration between various manufacturers, trading, and venture companies, we will make efforts for “open innovation” with our combined strengths, and continue to progress with nanotechnology and other new technologies in the environment and energy areas in Japan - such as biofuels – with a more global view.


【Microwaves and microwave chemistry】

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with wave lengths of about 1cm to 1m, and frequencies of 300MHz to 30GHz. Microchemistry is expected to bring various benefits, including uniform and rapid heating, as a result of their direct action on molecules and catalysts.