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March 13, 2009

Provision without Charge of Gas Canisters / Portable Gas Stoves to Affected Areas in Emergencies
Joint Establishment of “Emergency LP Gas Relief Program”
Ensuring Lifelines in the Initial Disaster Period

 Saudi Aramco

Iwatani Corporation


Saudi Aramco, the state-owned national oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(President & CEO: Khalid A. Al-Falih) and Iwatani Corporation (President: Akiji Makino) are to establish jointly on April 1 the “Saudi Aramco-Iwatani Emergency LP Gas Relief Program” (hereafter simply “the Program”). The purpose of the Program is to provide, as emergency relief items, gas canisters and portable gas stoves to areas affected by a large-scale natural disaster in Japan. The Program will be operated in Japan by Iwatani Corporation and Saudi Petroleum Limited Tokyo Office (Nasser D. Al-Mahasher, General Manager) on behalf of Saudi Aramco.


Gas canisters and portable gas stoves are extremely valuable emergency relief items for areas affected by disaster and with their lifelines cut off. In past disasters they have provided an invaluable source of heat for affected areas while waiting for the lifelines to be restored. The Program will provide this emergency relief when requested to by the emergency response headquarters of local government bodies affected by a large-scale natural disaster such as a typhoon or earthquake, or on its own judgment.




(1)Official Title: Saudi Aramco-Iwatani Emergency LP Gas Relief Program



Ensuring lifelines to areas affected by large-scale natural disaster through the provision free of charge of gas canisters / portable gas stoves.



(a)Capital investment: Approx. 100 million yen (equally subscribed by Saudi Aramco and Iwatani Corporation) 

(b)Period: Five years (April 1, 2009 – March 31, 2014) 

(c)Scope: Nationwide in Japan 

(d)Relevant Situation: Natural disaster (earthquake / typhoon etc.) above a certain level 

(e)Relief Provided (estimated): 300,000 gas canisters / 10,000 portable gas stoves


(4)Operational Criteria / Method

(a)Provided to: Local governments (prefectural / municipal) affected by disaster, free of charge.

-To be provided by request for relief aid from emergency headquarters of prefectural / municipal governments.

-Under special circumstances requiring emergency aid the relief will be provided on the judgment of the Program. 

(b)Delivery System:

-The relief items will be kept in Iwatani Corporation warehouses in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture and Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture.  Emergency deliveries will be made from four warehouses throughout Japan (including the previously mentioned two) in consideration of the location and road conditions of the affected area.



(a)Secretariat: Located in the Tokyo Head Office of Iwatani Corporation 

(b)Organization: The following organization and personnel will undertake the operation of the Program.

-Directorate: Deliberates and makes resolutions on emergency relief; formed from six members, three from each company.

-Secretariat: Located in the Tokyo Head Office of Iwatani Corporation, operated by Iwatani Corporation . 

(c)Representative Director: Two representative directors (one from each company) will be chosen from among the directorate.

Representative Director Candidates:

-General Manager of Saudi Petroleum Limited Tokyo Office, Nasser D. Al-Mahasher

-Senior Executive Director and General Manager of Energy Division of Iwatani Corporation, Eisuke Takeda

(d)One auditor to be assigned

(e)As a voluntary association, the Program is to be audited by the auditor and accounting personnel of both companies.


 Thank you for your attention