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July 23, 2007

Iwatani Group to Gradually Replace 1,000 Gas Delivery Trucks with LPG Vehicles Accelerated by Introduction of LPG Vehicles Compliant with New Long-Term Exhaust Emissions Regulations Sales Contract with Toyota Motor Corp.
Iwatani International Corporation


Iwatani International Corporation (headquarters: Osaka & Tokyo, President: Akiji Makino, capital: 20,000 million yen) is to embark on a step-by-step replacement of gas delivery trucks used by its affiliates (19 regional Home Energy Companies) for household LPG cylinder deliveries to LPG vehicles compliant with the new long-term exhaust emissions regulations, to speed up its introduction of environmentally friendly LPG vehicles. The first such vehicle was delivered to Home Energy Tokai on July 17.

With lower CO2 emissions, LPG vehicles are better for the environment than gasoline engine vehicles, and unlike vehicles that run on diesel, emit no black fumes, and only low levels of NOX. Iwatani has been replacing its sales vehicles (sedans and vans) with LPG vehicles for some time now, and to date (end of March 2007) 53.4 percent of corporate-owned sales vehicles have been replaced by LPG vehicles, increasing further to 72.8 percent when the mid-term environmental target is achieved by FY2008.

【Ongoing Purchase of Toyota DYNA and TOYO ACE】

The regional LPG delivery companies, i.e. Home Energy Companies, have also been replacing their delivery trucks with LPG vehicles, and have already achieved a 35 percent rate of conversion, but in order to comply with the new exhaust emissions regulations that come into effect in September this year, as well as accelerating the replacement scheme, Iwatani has signed a sales contract with Toyota Motor Corporation for the purchase of its DYNA and TOYO ACE models.
Around 1,000 3-ton trucks owned by Home Energy Companies across the nation will gradually be replaced with LPG vehicles that comply with the new long-term exhaust emissions regulations as it comes time to replace vehicles that have reached the end of their life, to reduce environmental impact and encourage the use of LPG vehicles. About 100 vehicles will be replaced with new models each year.

【Industry-wide Promotion of LPG Vehicles】

Government subsidies are given for the adoption of environmentally-friendly LPG vehicles and related facilities, indicating that use of LPG vehicles is also expected to grow from an energy and environmental policy perspective. It is against this background that Iwatani presented to Toyota Motor Corporation a plan to adopt LPG vehicles at all its Home Energy Companies, and signed a sales contract.
Two related industry organizations: the Japan L.P. Gas Agents’ Association and Japan LPG Vehicle Association has set a target of increasing the national LPG fleet to 550,000 (currently 290,000) by 2010. Iwatani will continue to adopt LPG vehicles to help the industry achieve this target.