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June 02, 2006

Iwatani International Financed by NEDO for Development of Technology to Standardize Fuel Cell Utility Form Expansion (Development of Mobile Power Supply Vehicle Equipped with Pure-Hydrogen Fuel Cell)

Iwatani International Corporation

Iwatani International Corporation (headquarters: Osaka & Tokyo, President: Akiji Makino, capital: 20,000 million yen) has been granted subsidies from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) for the grant project Development of Technology to Standardize Fuel Cell Utility Form Expansion (May 29). The title of the subsidized project is “Development of a Mobile Power Supply Vehicle Equipped with a Pure-Hydrogen Fuel Cell and a Portable and Light Hydrogen Supply System” and the project is scheduled to be completed in three years.
NEDO decided to help fund this development to establish technology that assures the safety of fuel cells for the exploitation of new fuel cell applications, and to increase the number of new commercially viable uses for fuel cells.
[Image of the completed power supply vehicle]
Iwatani International is attempting to develop the nation’s first 10kW pure-hydrogen fuel cell as well as portable and light hydrogen supply systems including 35MPa chargeable FRP composite containers. Our aim is to systemize power supplies with a mobile power supply vehicle for application in various fields, by identifying and validating issues surrounding safety and commercialization.
Fuel cells powered by pure hydrogen have various advantages such as quick starting, clean power generation, and less noise and vibration, and are regarded as the ultimate means of distributed power supply able to be operated independently in a comfortable manner. A mobile power supply vehicle equipped with a pure-hydrogen powered fuel cell with these features will be highly useful in a variety of applications, such as in emergencies, in construction or lighting in enclosed places, and for outdoor construction sites, work and events. We are conducting research and development work on the utilization of DC power generated by fuel cells to improve the FC output characteristics with less power conversion loss. The availability of DC input devices will also be verified to achieve a practical system available in various forms.
For a portable and light hydrogen supply system, our technology and know-how of hydrogen will be used to develop a unique, compact and easy-to-use hydrogen supply system that can be operated for extended periods.
We plan to apply to take part in the “Hydrogen Energy Society Demonstration Project” scheduled to be carried out in Osaka as part of the “Fuel Cell System Demonstration Study Project (2nd Stage JHFC)” subsidized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry this fiscal year with the mobile power supply vehicle that will be developed using funding granted by this project, and other sources.
[Outline of the Mobile Power Supply Vehicle]
Power generator 10kW class pure-hydrogen fuel cell
・Input: 100VAC
・Output: 100/200VDC
・Starting time: Less than 1 minute from start command to generation
・Noise: Under 55dB
・Hydrogen capacity: 100Nm3