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The Company became the first Japanese company to gain the rights to directly import helium from Qatar.
The Company organized Hydrogen Energy Class 80 at 80 elementary schools around the country for teaching about the environment and hydrogen energy.

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred and the Company urgently shipped 350,000 portable gas cooking stoves and 9.05 million butane gas canisters to the affected area. The Shiga Technology Center became the industry's first to obtain the international laboratory standards ISO17025 certification. In an effort to save electricity, the Tokyo Head Office Building's air-conditioning system was partly converted to gas-engine heat pump (GHP) using LP gas. A local corporation, Iwatani India Pvt. Ltd., was founded. The Iwatani Corporation's Cryo business (production and sales of low-temperature equipment) acquired a 96% share of A-TEC Co., Ltd. and made it a consolidated subsidiary. The Iwatani Corporation's gas cartridge heater won the Excellence Award of the Nikkei Awards 2011.
2011 photo

Completed work on core LPG centers in 11 locations and continued to expand steadily. Installed solar hydrogen station at Saitama Prefectural Office. Developed Hydro Cut, a new hydrogen-based mixed gas for welding and cutting. Akiji Makino took office as Chairman and CEO. Toshio Watanabe was appointed Vice Chairman. Masao Nomura became President. Kanazawa LPG Center was relocated. Iwatani Industrial Gases Corporation reorganized into a wholly owned subsidiary by means of simplified share exchange.
2012 photo

The Iwatani R&D Center was completed in Amagasaki (Hyogo prefecture). This skin care cosmetic was developed through Iwatani's focus on natural water. Its foundation is Fuji no Yusui. The Toyota Ecoful Town Hydrogen Station with 70MPa filling pressure designed to demonstrate commercial operations, was completed. The Iwatani R&D Center was completed in Amagasaki (Hyogo prefecture). A third domestic liquid hydrogen plant located in Shunan (Yamaguchi prefecture), Yamaguchi Liquid Hydrogen Corporation, went into operation.
2013 photo

Applying the exhaust gas processing technology we have developed over the years, we established the world's first fluorite synthesis technology in collaboration with the Nagoya Institute of Technology and Uedalime Manufacturing Co., Ltd. We also began operation of Iwatani Hydrogen Station Kokura, Kyushu's first commercial hydrogen station. In addition, we founded Sakai Carbonics, our fourth liquefied carbonic acid manufacturing plant in Japan.
2014 photo

We established a new hydrogen-supply company in collaboration with Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, and launched Japan's first commercial mobile hydrogen station through this company. We also opened Iwatani Hydrogen Station Shiba Park as a commercial hydrogen station near Tokyo Tower.
2015 photo

The construction of commercial hydrogen stations was completed at 20 locations mainly in the four major metropolitan areas.
The Company dispatched the Marui Gas Disaster Rescue Team to areas affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake and engaged in LP gas recovery operations. It contributed a donation of 10 million yen.
2016 photo

Mitsuhiro Tanimoto was appointed President of the Company.
2017 photo