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Business Field
The core businesses of Iwatani are Energy, which we operate with a focus on Cassette Gas canisters, and LPG, and Industrial Gases, including the hydrogen business, which we have been operating since our foundation. These businesses have opened the gateway to a broad range of business fields, including machinery, welding, electronic equipment, materials, and foods.
In addition to energy in general, such as LPG and LNG, we offer general household products including ENE FARM system, solar panels, and Cassette Gas canisters, and facilities for supplying LPG for industrial use. We also operate a business of home delivery of Fuji-no-Yusui natural mineral water and a business selling fujina, a moisturizing, mineral-based cosmetic.
Industrial Gases & Machinery
Products we offer in this business include air separation gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and argon; industrial gases such as hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, and semiconductor material gas; welding products such as welding/ fusing gases; welding consumables; fusing machines; high-pressure gas facilities such as disaster prevention facilities; factory automation systems; semiconductor manufacturing devices; and environmental equipment.
We engage in import and resource development of mineral raw materials such as mineral sand. We also offer ceramics and biomass raw materials; metal products such as stainless steel, aluminum, and high alloys; functional resins such as plant-derived PET resin and molded goods and products; and electronic materials such as high-performance films and battery-related materials.
Agri-Bio & Foods
In addition to frozen foods such as frozen vegetables and prepared foods, we offer health foods which apply our frost shattering technology. We also supply pigs for breeding, propose pig farming equipment and materials, and sell gardening equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, flower transportation equipment, plant factories, and other products.