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Pursuing innovation in business management, aspiring to play an even more important role in society.

Since its foundation in 1930, Iwatani Corporation has provided gas and energy for our lives and industries in various forms, based on its corporate philosophy, “Become a person needed by society, as those needed by society can prosper.”
What underlies is our wish to contribute to society by creating new value needed by society for the future. This is the major driving force for our business.

Since fiscal 2000, we have pursued structural reform with “Gas & Energy” as our core business through 5 iterations of our mid-term management plan. As a result, we have made substantial improvements in our profitability and financial structure.
In PLAN18, our three-year mid-term management plan which started in fiscal 2016, we focused further expansion of our business. Consequently, in fiscal 2017, we set new record income levels for the third consecutive year and achieved all of the numerical management targets contained in PLAN18 (ordinary income of 24 billion yen, ROA of 5.5% or higher and ROE of 10.0% or higher), a year ahead of its schedule.
In fiscal 2018, we announced PLAN20, our new mid-term management plan under the theme of “Evolution” and “Creation.” Basic policies are to “implement strategies for growth” and to “expand our business foundation.” We strive to achieve continuous growth and increase corporate value.

Since 1941, we have regarded hydrogen as the ultimate clean source of energy and have consistently engaged in initiatives to encourage its widespread use. Under the corporate slogan “Creation of a more comfortable space on the Earth is what Iwatani wishes and strives for,” we strive to discover new solutions to environmental concerns aiming to achieve a carbon free society enabled by hydrogen.
In addition, through our participation as steering member of the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative of energy-related companies, we are engaging in activities that promote the use of hydrogen globally.
To stimulate new demand of hydrogen, we are developing Hydrogen Refueling Stations with the aim of the widespread distribution of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). We are expanding the development of Hydrogen Refueling Stations into California in the U.S., where the distribution of FCVs is ahead of any other region, with a view toward the future manufacturing of liquid hydrogen in California.
Regarding carbon-free hydrogen, we are involved in a project for the transportation and storage of large quantities of liquid hydrogen from Australia, where we are engaged in demonstrative testing using a carrier vessel. We are also participating in the Fukushima Plan for a New Energy Society, a hydrogen production project using power generated from renewable energy, and the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field, which commenced operations in February 2020. Following these, “Japan Hydrogen Association” was established in December 2020 to encourage global collaboration in the domain of hydrogen and the establishment of a hydrogen supply chain. Thus, we are taking many different actions to build and expand infrastructure for a hydrogen society.

Meanwhile, our main business, LPG business is based on its customers, 3.2 million households nationwide. “Iwatani Gate Way” plan, which will provide customers with next-generation services utilizing AI and IoT technology in this customer network, is now in the demonstration phase and moving toward realization.

To make a further leap toward the forthcoming 100th anniversary and beyond, we will continue to offer new value to all of our customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, local communities and employees. We will also continue to develop as an “evolving, comprehensive energy service provider.”

Akiji Makino
Chairman and CEO

Hiroshi majima