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April 13, 2015

Iwatani Hydrogen Refueling Station in Shibakoen Opens as First Hydrogen Refueling Station in Japan with Showroom
- Begins Operation as Information Hub for Realizing a Hydrogen Society -


Iwatani Corporation (Head Office: Osaka and Tokyo, President: Masao Nomura, Capital: 20 billion yen) is developing commercial hydrogen refueling stations with the aim of responding to the hydrogen needs of fuel cell vehicles (FCV) that have been released and fuel cell buses slated to be introduced in the near future. Today, an opening ceremony was held to mark the completion of the Iwatani Hydrogen Refueling Station in Shibakoen, the first hydrogen refueling station in central Tokyo.
The overview of the new hydrogen station is as follows:


Name Iwatani Hydrogen Refueling Station in Shibakoen
Address 4-6-15 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Site area 1,097 m2 (332 tsubo)
Hydrogen supply Offsite supply of liquefied hydrogen
Supply capacity 340N m3/h (Capable of refueling six vehicles per hour)
Filling pressure 70Mpa (Mega Pascal) (about 700 atmosphere)
Facilities Liquefied hydrogen tanks, hydrogen compressors made by Linde AG of Germany, accumulators, dispensers, and other equipment
Feature The station includes a showroom (TOYOTA MIRAI Showroom), which showcases MIRAI, the fuel cell vehicle released in late 2014, along with videos and other displays that introduce the features of the vehicle and hydrogen. Located in the center of Tokyo, which is expected to evolve into a hydrogen society triggered by the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, the facility is designed to serve educational purposes for the promotion of hydrogen society and to act as a hub for related information.


Iwatani Hydrogen Refueling Station in Shibakoen also serves as a model for future hydrogen stations. Located in the city center, it respects the surrounding landscape. It will also test the use of pure hydrogen type fuel cells for power supply.
Moreover, the station’s location just south of Tokyo Tower holds much significance in the history of Toyota Group, as it is the founding site of the present Tokyo Corolla Corporation. From this location, which has played a pivotal role in the motorization of Japan, Iwatani Corporation will work with the Toyota Group to disseminate information with the aim of realizing a hydrogen society.


Since it began handling hydrogen in 1941, Iwatani Corporation has built a national network for industrial compressed hydrogen and liquefied hydrogen that encompasses manufacturing, transport, supply and safety. As the market leader in hydrogen, it aims to apply the knowledge and skill it has acquired through the construction and operation of hydrogen stations for national projects and local tests, aspiring to lay the groundwork for a hydrogen supply infrastructure.
Iwatani has announced its own plans to develop 20 hydrogen stations by the end of fiscal 2015 with an emphasis on the four major metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.
Among these stations, Iwatani Hydrogen Refueling Station in Shibakoen is of great historical importance as the first to be completed in central Tokyo and as an information hub aimed at realizing a hydrogen society.