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May 07, 2010

Share of Helium Offtake for importation from Qatar

Iwatani Corporation


For the first time a company in Japan, Iwatani Corporation, has secured direct importation of Helium. This is the result of award of sales contracts arising from the development of the Qatar Helium 2 Project, the latest Helium production project in Qatar. Under such project, liquid Helium will be produced in Qatar through the extraction from LNG in Ras Laffan, the largest LNG production facilities in the world.

Iwatani will start Helium importation in early 2013, as the production of Qatar Helium 2 Project starts. The amount of the supplies acquired is around 260 mmcf, accounting for 20% of the total annual Helium production capacity of the Qatar Helium 2 Project. The contracted term for importation is until December 2032.

Supports from LNG Japan Corporation owed a great role in the share of Helium offtake from Qatar.


Helium is a rare natural resource, produced in limited areas of the world. Traditionally, the United States has been the main country producing Helium, but exhaustion of domestic resources is a growing concern for Iwatani.

The share of Helium offtake in Qatar will enable Iwatani to diversify its Helium supply portfolio and stabilize the Helium supply for the domestic Helium business. Making this case a foothold, Iwatani will also start Helium sales in Asia, where demands are increasing.




<Outline of the project>

Name of project 

: Qatar Helium 2 Project

Project operator

: RasGas Company Limited


: Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar

Aim of project

: Producing liquid Helium through extraction from LNG

Production capacity

: 1,300 mmcf (annual)

Iwatani’s acquisition

: 260 mmcf (annual), i.e. 20% of the production capacity

Term of contract

: 20 years (early 2013 - 2032)