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May 16, 2007

Welding Trinity To Be Deployed Nationwide ~ Proposal of Collaboration between Latest Daihen Digital Welding Machine and New Welding Gas Mixture “Shield Master”~

Iwatani International Corporation

Iwatani International Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka & Tokyo, President: Akiji Makino, Capital: 20 ,000 million yen) has been enthusiastically promoting a proposal of optimization called “Welding Trinity”, in which three factors in welding technology, welding machines, wires, and shield gases, are optimized in harmony.
To provide high level solutions for current issues on increasingly sophisticated and complicated welding technology, optimizing the three factors, i.e. welding machines (including robotic welders), wires and shield gases is becoming ever more critical.
Iwatani has focused on “welding at higher speeds” in this latest proposal. The major problem of higher travel speeds in conventional DC pulse MAG welding include undercut and humping caused by unbearably strong arc force. To prevent such undercut, the welding voltage is kept low in practice, although this causes another problem, namely increased spatter.
In order to meet the needs of high-speed welding, we have investigated the best combination of welding machines, wires and shield gases in cooperation with Daihen Welding and Mechatoronics Systems Co.,Ltd and developed an application package that exceeds existing limitations, allowing high-speed, undercut free welding in combination of our new shield gas “ACOM FF”, which is designed to accelerate welding and which was acclaimed at the Japan International Welding Show 2006, with the latest AC/DC digital pulse welding machine “DW300”and optimum wires.
DW300” is providing outstanding arc control. Its performance in AC mode is noteworthy, in comparison with DC mode, in that an stable bead formation is produced at a high welding speed, because more wire melts at lower arc pressures at the same current setting. Combined with “ACOM FF,” enhanced for flat and wide bead formations, the performance of “DW300” in high-speed welding is further improved -- no undercut is found, even at a welding speed of 200cm/min. By adding an optimum set of wires, a “Trinity” system for high-speed welding is achieved.
Iwatani and Daihen have been planning and holding demonstration seminars focusing on high-speed applications across Japan. Our proposal for a comprehensive solution, ranging from a host of cutting edge, high performance products to cost cutting measures, has widely acclaimed by users having participated in seminars. Encouraged by the positive response, we are now preparing more elaborate plans.
Iwatani and Iwatani Gas Machinery jointly expanded the existing Welding Support Center to the Iwatani Welding Technology Center last year. In addition to the research and development of shield gases and related matters, as well as demo sample evaluation tests, the Center has now been made available for performing welding tests entrusted by users as well as implementing training and education. We will nurture “Welding Trinity” through the Center, tie-up with related manufacturers, and widen our promotion plans by urging group companies and Iwatani Club members to participate.
Practical and detailed programs on the “Welding Trinity” that meets the needs of individual regions will be provided and actual products are exhibited in a live demonstration at the “Welding & Cutting Seminars”; cosponsored by Iwatani Chiba and Tokyo Offices, and held at the Polytech Center Chiba in Inage Ward, Chiba City on June 15 and 16. We hope the participants will be able to deepen their understanding of our activity on that occasion.
* Undercut is a groove cut at the toe of the weld, which is left unfilled.
* Humping is a rippled bead formation as a result of unstable welding.