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Message from Management

To all of our shareholders and investors

We would like to begin by expressing our sincere appreciation to shareholders and investors for their continuing support.

Under our universal corporate philosophy of “Become a person needed by society, as those needed by society can prosper,” Iwatani has always been making efforts to contribute to society by creating new value to meet the needs of the world and our customers.

Our medium-term management plan was revised as “PLAN18” (from FY2016 to FY2018) this year. We are working to implement strategies for growth and expand our business foundation as the basic policies. We will continue to enhance sustainable growth and to improve corporate value through two core divisions, the Energy Division, which mainly supplies LP gas, and the Industrial Gases and Machinery Division, which has been our core business since the establishment of the Company.

In the Energy Division, we stand out with the largest customer base in Japan, supplying 3.1 million customers with LP gas. We will aim at further growth of our business by improving profitability through continuous expansion of our customer base and by evolving into a “Total Energy and Living Service Business” to support customers in various situations in their daily lives. In addition, as an energy infrastructure company, we are implementing measures to enhance the stable delivery system, such as improvement of the earthquake resistance and installation of emergency power source systems in key LP gas centers.

In the Industrial Gases and Machinery Division, we operate manufacturing bases and logistics centers both in Japan and overseas, primarily for industrial gases including oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. For hydrogen and helium business, we already have the largest domestic market share for industrial use and intend to further improve our competitiveness. We started operation our third liquefied hydrogen manufacturing plant in Yamaguchi, to meet for increasing domestic demand. As for helium, we started to import from Qutar summer in 2013. In addition to the stable supply in domestic market, we will boost sales in China and Southeast Asia.

We will also continue putting our effort into expanding hydrogen energy. For the popularization of fuel cell vehicles, we opened Amagasaki Hydrogen Station in July 2014 which was the first commercial hydrogen station in Japan. Including this, we have built 20 hydrogen stations by FY2015. By making the most of our accumulated know-how on hydrogen supply technology, we will shape the supply infrastructure of hydrogen energy so as to realize a hydrogen-driven society.

We look forward to the continued support of our shareholders and investors.

Akiji Makino
Chairman and CEO

Masao Nomura